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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stevie and some Mexican!!!

So, I might have had a little pregnancy breakdown last weekend.   I have been pretty even-keeled throughout this pregnancy.  What am I talking about?  I have been a mother f-ing trooper!  My husband moved away right after my first trimester, I continued to teach and then had to quit my job (which sucked).  Then add to that dealing with moving across the world, closing accounts, selling a car, renting our house, yada yada blah blah. 
This is how I felt... BUT

I have had no breakdowns, meltdowns, freak outs….  The only repercussion of this stress has been a rash that formed on my hands.  However, last weekend, after spending the entire week in the house (my car hadn’t arrived yet) and it appeared Jon and I were going to spend the weekend in the house doing chores/work.  Well, I had a quiet meltdown and found myself on the balcony crying at the thought of spending another day trapped in this house and not wanting to make  my hard working husband feel bad.   You can only imagine how crappy Jon felt when he found me sitting on the balcony with soggy eyes.  He was in husband shock!  We saw things differently… I saw the clock ticking down on days that I have left to enjoy Dubai and the UAE with just my husband and he saw the amount of things still left to get done at the house.  We had different things at the top of our lists and different hormones, BUT being the amazing husband that Jon is he promised me that he would never let me feel that way again.

Flash forward one week, I get a phone call from jon and we small talk for a minute and then I said “what’s up… “ and Jon replied with “nothing… I just called to say I love you.... oh and we are going to see Stevie Wonder tomorrow night!!!!”  Some back ground info on this, Stevie is one of my favorite artists.  I mean he was eleven years old when he signed with Motown Records!  Anyways, Jon and I spent a good part of our relationship after college in different cities and we had to rely on our phone conversations to maintain our relationship.  These calls always started with “I just called to say I love you.”  Skip forward to our wedding and you would see Jon and I dancing our first dance as Husband and Wife to Stevie’s I just called to say I love you.  So needless to say I was beyond floored to see one of my favorites in concert.

The day started with a 3 mile walk with jon and our boys... Then we lounged by the pool and I got my first sunburn of the season (sorry mom)… but it feels awesome! Then we got ready and headed to Abu Dhabi for the evening.  Jon found a Mexican food restaurant near the venue for us to try and he was excited because they served alcohol.  You can only be served alcoholic drinks in restaurants or bars that are attached to Hotels… so needless to say he found a Mexican food restaurant that was attached so he could get a margarita (and I could stare at the margarita.)   ……..

How much longer until I can have one of those again?

In my experience, you can always tell a good Mexican food place by the chips and hot sauce (or salsa to those of you not from Austin) and I was worried by theirs.  I would describe it as ketchup with a little kick but Jon was hungry and devoured it. 

Taking a hint from the hot sauce and all the food I have had here thus far, I asked for a side of peppers or something spicy with my meal.  The waiter just looked at me and said that they had a paste, but it is too hot for me (I guess he meant a white American lady)… but I said bring it on!  He literally thought I was a crazy!  Our meals came out and I ate the hell out of that spicy stuff.  It made me sweat, my face turned red, and my nose was running, but I was so happy to have some spice in my life again!  The waiter came by to check on me and looked at me like I was bananas for finishing half of the bowl he brought out but I smiled and thought… dude, I grew up in Texas with a dad, brother and sister that ate straight spiciness… I can totally handle your paste!

After the yummy dinner we headed off to the concert... Leighton's FIRST concert.  It was held at a fairly large outdoor venue next to Ferrari World.  We got there and had to wait a little over an hour for Stevie to take the stage, but it was totally worth it.  Stevie and his band played for THREE HOURS!!!  It was just a giant jam session.  He is a musical genius and surrounds himself with other musicians that are right up there with his abilities!  I must say though that I have never been asked to sing more at a concert by an artist that I have paid to hear.  He basically had the audience start every song off for him and then he would just start going when we stopped.  He is also hilarious… he made joke after joke... three blind jokes, one inappropriate one about having been in tighter places and countless others.  I think he might have a case of the ADD though.  He would start a song, tell his band to stop, start telling a story about something that had come into his head, change his keyboard to have the sound he wanted and then tell his band to follow along if they could catch on.  He played “new” stuff, the classics, things he has never even recorded, songs by chuck berry, then ended by jamming on some drums for 5 minutes on his way off the stage… I will say it again, he is a musical genius!  And the concert was made even better by the German guy next to me, in a hard rock cafe shirt and sweater wrapped high around his waist, belting out every word... he was hilarious!

Needless to say the feel from last weekend to this weekend has changed a smidge.  I credit that to my amazing husband! He saw a problem and fixed it and now he has one happy pregnant wife that is on a Stevie Wonder high!
34+ weeks down... start the countdown!
Until later…


  1. Glad to hear you know where to find that margarita when you can finally have one! Better yet, have Jon make them at home and have several. Sounds like you had a great time. I love your blog - it makes me laugh with you - keep it up, please.

  2. Hil! You look great! I love reading your blog and hearing about your latest adventure! xoxo lou

  3. Why does that paste story remind me of a certain incident involving a spoonful of cinnamon? Glad this one worked out better.