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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shout Outs…

I would like to thank a few people that have helped me out recently;

First, a big thank you to my sister Tracy, and my friend Missy, for helping me widdle down my never ending to do list before I left.  You both had enough on your plates without my mess. Tracy a family to take care of and Missy being 9+ months pregnant and all, but yall are Rock Stars for putting your lives on hold to make angry phone calls and run last minute errands with me!  If it wasn’t for you two ladies I think my stress rash would have scarred my hands.  Look, it is almost gone!!!

Thank you to Mark and Jessica Stoner for letting me crash your garage apartment for a month after all of our stuff got shipped off to Dubai.  I thought I could handle sleeping on a blowup mattress for a month, which I could… but not having TV, internet or even a chair… I couldn’t handle that.   I started to refer to myself as marks second wife… I don’t think he was amused especially since he was running on little sleep with a two month old in the house!  I realized that Jon , the dogs and I have stayed with the Stoners for almost two months of our lives in the past three years… Now those are true friends!  This picture kind of sums up our relationship with them though…

Thank you to Christi Warren and little Sophie for showing me around these first few weeks.  She has introduced me to the fabric souk, the local post office, and has chauffeured me around on countless errands.  I have had a blast hanging out with her and little Sophie and they have single handedly helped me from going stir crazy in the house with no car!

Young Mr. Tarek Basheet Oudeh was our first house guest and brought us two amazing housewarming gifts.  Thank you for the gorgeous glass vase that is just awaiting flowers from jon and he also gave us a fantastic shisha.  Jon is dying to put it to use and honestly so am I (only a few more weeks)! 

Lastly, I would like to thank my dogs, Walter and Charlie.  They have taken this transition pretty rough…
Just kidding, as long as they have a couch or a soft place they are fine.  However, they don’t like the fact that everyone around this city is afraid of them and literaly jump back when they see them.  Who am I kidding… Charlie gets a kick out of it, but they still just want to be loved on.   Even though they only have Jon and I right now to be their friends, they are really enjoying their morning walks, afternoon dips in the pool and sunning on their fake grass.  I don’t want to spoil their fun by letting them know that this will all be over very soon when it is 130 outside… good times!
House pictures will be coming soon… I am waiting on Leighton’s shipment to get here so I can finish decorating the house.
Until later…


  1. I can't get over that picture with The Stoners. Her face cracks me up!

  2. Ok- to clarify (way too late) I actually WAS joking in that picture. I am just a great actor and it's easy to act annoyed with jon ;). I'm ready for an extended stay again. I miss y'all.