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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hell has frozen over...

I said I would never post a “prego belly” picture on the internet… well folks, hell has frozen over.  I figured since I am halfway around the world it is the least I could do for my family and friends who ask me to stand up and show off the bump every time I am on skype with them.
32 weeks, 4 days
We had our last ultrasound the other day and everything is good to go.  Baby Leighton is a little over 4 lbs and is lined up the way she should be.  She was a little too “active” during the ultrasound though.   The technician kept asking me to stop breathing so she could get clear pictures since the “alien” was kung fu kicking my insides.   I am worried for when this baby gets bigger… my organs and ribs stand no chance!

 We got to see her little munchkin face and I made sure it was a girl again.  Poor Jon has always been one of those people that could stare at those hologram 3-D pictures for days and then finally shout out… “I see it, it’s a turtle” and it breaks your heart to say, “no honey, it’s a bald eagle flying” well, it is kind of the same way with the ultrasound.  We pointed out her eyes, nose and huge lips… and Jon said oh I see it.  Then when we got to the car, you guessed it, he said… I didn’t see a thing… bless his heart! 

 I wish we had pictures to show you guys but that is something they don’t do over here, print out pictures for you to take home.  The waiting room situation is a little different too.  In the Obgyn area there are shared waiting spaces but in the ultrasound/xray area there were separate waiting areas.  Jon was on the male waiting side and I was on the female… Jon of course took pleasure in this and took a picture for your enjoyment.

And on a side note, Jon and I have been watching a lot of GLEE.  We only have 8 “English” channels and Glee is on almost every night along with Desperate Housewives (which he refuses to watch).  Anyways, the things they choose to bleep out blow our minds.  The other night a character came out of the closet and they totally cut out the entire scene and then tonight they bleeped out the word “Jewish”.  I already knew this was an issue, but don’t come to the Middle East if you are gay and/or jewish.  You will be permanently bleeped because you are hated and don’t exist apparently.  Just a little warning… 


  1. hil you look gorgeous!!! you and your baby bump are too cute... i absolutely love your blog! keep up the good work :) love you, girl!!! xoxo

  2. Love the bump! I thought it was hard adjusting to life in the UK - I can't even image trying to adjust to a completely different culture!

  3. Is it too early to tell if the baby is going to be gay or Jewish?

  4. You're looking gorgeous, Hil! Leighton is right around the corner, then your ribs and insides can get a break. I'm so excited for you!!