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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Going to hell…

Jon and I are straight up assholes.  We have tried to be good during this pregnancy so we wouldn’t put our bad karma on our unborn child, but something came over us this weekend.  As we “got our tourist on”, we couldn’t help but enjoy and judge a few wardrobe choices that we came across.  Most of these pictures were taken while Jon and I were waiting for our bus outside of the Dubai Museum…. We were literally there for only 15 minutes, so you can imagine what we saw but didn’t take pictures of throughout the day!

Socks and Sandals… this one is for you Adam Winkler!  I don’t know why people wear socks and sandals together…. It defeats the purpose!  Sandals are meant to let your toes be free, allow your footsies to breathe, get some color and experience the world… now add socks and you might as well put shoes on.   If this post is offensive to you, you might want to rethink your footwear choices!

Hammer don’t hurt em’… apparently MC Hammer pants are all the rage in Eastern Europe.  They did make a comeback at New York Fashion week a few years back.  Fashion does have a trickledown effect from high end to ready to wear, but I don’t think that this is what the world famous designers had in mind when bringing back the sag and bag pants… I mean it looks like they had an accident in their pants, gross!

Capri’s on men…  I know it is a European thing again, but it makes me wonder if this guy's pants just shrunk or if his laundry accidentally got mixed up with his severely short, overweight roommate’s clothes! 

And just for fun here is an awesome mullet and one crazy German guy!

Like I said, jon and I are assholes and we get our kicks from making fun of absolute strangers.   We have accepted the fact that we are going to hell… we are just trying to decide who will drive the bus!
Until Later…


  1. only you two! love it...and so glad I just found your blog. um and your belly looks the same as mine and i'm only 16 weeks. not fair.

  2. too funny! i laughed all the way through. you should have gotten a picture of socks with flip flops. you know that hurts the toes! i've noticed how you can see through lots of shirts and pants. people don't know about tank tops and appropriate undergarments.

  3. OMG! just read this! ROTFLMAO!!! Don't worry, the Rod's will drive the bus to hell! We do the same thing....can't help it....we've accepted this is who we are too. Of course we've gone a step further and make fun of ugly kids and what they will look like when they grow up. Not proud of that but it does make for some entertainment! My favorite is the speedo's people wear in Dubai. Do they still do that on the beach? ICK!!!