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Saturday, October 5, 2013

I wish...

This weekend is the opening weekend of ACL fest in Austin.  I bet you are thinking from the title that I wish I was there.... Well, you would be very wrong!  I wish I loved concerts, let alone three day long concerts over two weekends.  I wish I lived for the release of the ACL artist lineup.   I wish discovering new artists was fulfilling to me.  I truly wish I gave a shit... But truthfully and sadly, I don't!
 I was born and raised in Austin, live music capital of the world… I think we gave ourselves that title but I’ll take it anyways!  There is music everywhere in town.  So much so that when one of my brothers in law asked where to see live music last time he came to Austin I was stumped because, like I told him at the time… “There are people playing everywhere!”  I guess I never appreciated music because I was raised around every kind of music and it was playing all the time… maybe I have always taken music for granted.  My childhood was filled with music ranging from good old country music to Elvis Presley to James Taylor to the Rolling Stones and the list goes on.  My grandparents always lead the old German hymns at our family reunions and preformed solos in their church choir.  In my life I have played the piano, violin and church bells (I was really cool as a kid!).  Growing up my parents took me to more musical productions at Bass concert hall, Zachary Scott and the Paramount than I can count (again… I know I was super cool kid, right?).  My parents have always been music lover.  My Dad even owned roller skating rinks when I was kid and was always up to date on the newest music to play at the rinks (does that put some cool points back on the board for me?).  My sister, Tracy and brother, Derrick, got the “love of music” gene for sure, but it missed me.  Don't get me wrong, I think music is awesome and I think this world would be a sad place without any! I also enjoy a concert every now and again... My all time favorite concerts have been...
1. Bone thugs and harmony (Yes, this was my all time favorite concert even though Bizzy Bone was still in jail)
2. Dave Mathew band   
3. Sting and the Police  
4. Jason Mraz opened by G love and the special sauce  
5. Jerry Jeff’s 60th birthday party in Luckenbach.  
Not going to lie… I really only enjoy concerts when I know the songs (or at least most of them)... When I don't know the songs, I feel like an awkward white lady trying to dance and make it look like I have some rhythm, all while trying to drink a beer gracefully! 
Ultimately, l love good, new music but I just don’t want to seek it out. I want people to tell me what is good without having to be outside for three days waiting hours for the port-a-potties and having my beer go hot in 5 minutes.  So, I guess I am musically lazy… maybe that’s why I never excelled at any of the instruments I have ever played!  I need people to pick up the slack for me and help a sister out with a list of new, cool bands and their good songs… I am talking to you; Mon, Jes, Missy and Bush!   For now though, I will live vicariously through my friends photos on instagram and updates on Facebook of the latest and greatest band they saw on a random Tuesday night at Stubb’s, Saxon Pub, Continental Club, Austin Music Hall or over the next two weekends at ACL fest.   I will keep on wishing that I am that cool girl that can wear my badass ankle boots, cutoff shorts, flowy printed tank tops with a Kendra Scott necklace, a slew of bracelets up my wrist and a headband positioned every so perfectly across my forehead with one single feather attached somewhere in my ombred hair… all while carting around my ridiculously cute and perfectly mild mannered baby in her soundproof headphones and wearing only organic textiles. 
 Until I buy that wardrobe and get bit by that music bug, I will just have to keep on keeping on with what they play on the two radio stations my car picks up in Dubai (not even kidding here people... my car only receives two English speaking channels and I spend a minimum of 2 hours in the car a day).  So to all you music crazies out there… know I am really just super jealous that you love music as much as you do.  I truly wish I was as passionate and cared as much as you do about something that can bring out so much emotion in people… and in all honestly I really I just wish I was as cool as you and could pull off your wardrobe!
Until Later…