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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little booger…

Mom came recently to visit but as always we let our guest take all the pictures, so once I receive them I’ll post about our time together.  Anyways, things are pretty good around here with our newly expanded family.  We are finding our new normal and getting into routines.  Corbin is still rocking and rolling and getting much better at nighttime, only waking up once… Praise the freaking lord above!  
Obligatory cute pics of baby Corby

              And Leighton, well she is turning into quite the little booger…  She is getting too smart for her own good… well, maybe not just smart but funny.  We realized a while back that she was going to be a great party trick… hell, why do you have kids anyways but to turn them into walking party tricks.  Jon and I decided that we were going to teach her “earmuffs”, like in the movie Old School, where the kid puts his hands over his ears so he won’t hear the parents cussing and saying inappropriate things.  We gave ourselves a weekend to make this happen.  Well, we showed her how to cover her ears with her hands when we said “earmuffs” and she got it after the first try… Jon and I were ecstatic and we decided then that our kids gets humor…. AWESOME!  Then, Jon and I looked at each other and said, “well that took two minutes, what do you want to do for the rest of the weekend?”

Basically, Laylay is a hoot! Yesterday she was walking around the house holding two toy tea cups and she started hitting them together while yelling in a monotone voice, “TEA HANDS, TEA HANDS, LEIGHTON’S TEA HANDS!)  Maybe she isn’t funny, just a little special… but I will take that! When people meet her for the first time she usually doesn’t put on a show… she sits there shyly, meekly and most likely giving the new person the stink eye (we have really got to work on that).  However, get around her a few times and she lets her hair down.

 She makes the most ridiculous faces so when she does them I have started calling out names to go along with them… here are her latest faces (at least the ones we have pictures of)…


Fish face (or "Bitch" face in leighton lingo... It's always fun walking towards the Aquarium in the mall with that newly acquired word!


This is her watching DORA face… she doesn’t know it is a face!  L is obsessed with TV and Dora which makes me want to shoot myself (especially when I find myself singing the songs while I am alone… I hate you Dora!)

And the piece de résistance, Popeye!
On top of the faces, Leighton has become skillful with using her words… she totally understands everything and she has already started using that against us!  What is the normal exchange when a kid is going to bed?

Mom/Dad: night night, I love you!

Kid: night night, I love you too….

Well, this is how it goes in our house;

Jon: Leighton, Go give mommy a Hug and besos and tell her night night.

(Leighton runs to me, gives me a hug and kiss)

Me: night night honey, I LOVE YOU! (BIG HUG)

(Leighton runs back to Jon saying nothing… Jon picks her up to take her to bed upstairs)

Jon: Tell mommy, I love you.

Leighton: night night mommy

Jon: Say I love you mommy.

Leighton: mommy Night night

Jon: I love you mommy, night night

Leighton: Bye bye mommy, Bye bye

(Jon and I both shake our heads and Jon takes the little booger up to bed)

In Leighton’s room:

Jon: night night baby, I love you, sleep tight.

Leighton: night night daddy

(Jon turns off the lights and is about to shut the door when Leighton grabs a random toy she calls bodyboss and she proceeds to say, as she gives it the biggest hug ever…)

Leighton: Bodyboss, I love you!

 WHAT A LITTLE SHIT!  But how can we be mad?  Her comedic timing is impeccable and you can’t teach that folks!
Until Later ...