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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Planes, Trains and Baby Bjorns…

Baby Leighton is officially a world traveler as we ventured out of the desert for a much needed vacation this past week.  Our trip started in Vienna, Austria and then took us to Salzburg and Berchtesgaden and then off to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest!  We had lots and lots of fun and once again, the CBE (coolest baby ever) lived up to her name.  We may have pushed her past her limits on more than one occasion, but keeping true to her nickname she went with the flow.  However, I have never known stress like the stress of flying with a baby… GOOD GOD! 
After surviving a 14+ hour flight to get to Dubai, all other flights seem like a piece of cake.  Six hours to Vienna… no problem we thought… but wait… WE HAVE A BABY NOW!  Every minute on a flight with a baby is excruciatingly slow and exhausting… Jon and I were a two person dog and pony show as not to let the little lady disturb her neighbors.  This may be an over share but… We were not even off the ground and our baby that poops every 4 to 5 days decided to let loose.  I told the flight attendant and she let me run to the bathroom and change her (we had already pulled away from the gate, so I was lucky to get permission).  I then thought we were in the clear for the rest of the flight let alone trip… wrong… right after we took off what do I see?  Little Leighton’s poo face for the second time in like 20 minutes… are you kidding me, kid? NO, we had another poop on our hands.  So you would think we are in the clear then right… try again!  Our child that has maybe spit up twice since birth (both times on Jon because she loves me too much) threw up, not spit up and not once but twice.  Oh how I wish I was joking about this. Luckily she was polite enough to only get the airline’s blankets dirty and not me or Jon!  Then to top it off, one more surprise in her diaper to round off her first flight.  So, If you are keeping track it's baby 5, parents 0!
While it was stressful for Jon and I, the munchkin was smiley and happy through almost all of the flight.  She was a champ and great traveler (minus the things that exited her body).   I am going to post pictures from each of our destinations soon but here are a few of our journey to and from!
Leaving for the first ever trip… we only packed two suitcases for 9 days (including Leighton’s diapers and food for the whole time).  I was impressed with myself but somehow we still over packed because it was so warm!

On the plane.
poo face before takeoff… she will kill me later for showing this one!

They have these very handy bassinets for bambinos…
they are great for napping!

We made it… But that was exhausting!

On our way to Salzburg

On a Bus up to Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden

On the train to Munich.  I don’t remember who gave us this awesome toy but it was AMAZING…  it came in super handy this trip!
Teething big time!
I think she is saying, “Thank you for this trip Daddy… I love you!”

My three rides once I got to Europe; the baby bjorn, the sling, and my sweet three wheeler.

We are finally back and slept in our own beds last night… the munch even slept in until 11.  Jon was still asleep but I don’t think he minded the waker upper too much!

Until Later…

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