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Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Months…

I think Little Miss Sassy Pants is channeling her inner diva in this picture.  It is totally frustrating because our darn child refuses to smile for the camera (or strangers... I think people think there is something wrong with her)… the mere sight of anything that can take a picture causes our munchkin to clam up or go into diva mode.  Jon and I tried for a good 15 minutes to get Leighton to take a happy picture and this is what we got.  So, this is what everyone out there gets for Leighton’s 5 month picture… one non-smiling diva!

She is still is an amazing baby though (minus the lack of smiles on film)!  She has some interesting hair at the moment… it appears as if she has stuck her finger in a light socket.  The only way to tame her mane is a headband and some lotion.   She loves her Daddy and has discovered Walter and Charlie and adores their kisses.  She also loves frozen carrots (teething sucks by the way) and her Jump-a-roo that our friends, Ruby and Rex let us borrow. 

The munchkin sometimes passes out from jumping too much… 
this time it was with a carrot!

Leighton’s favorite things… AND the dogs favorite thing too!  When a carrot gets dropped they get a treat!
Walter patiently waiting for his “treat”…
Leighton and her watch dog, Charlie… friends for life! 
(I totally did not pose them this way.)

Her favorite songs are Patty Cake and a little ditty I made up so that she can learn to spell her name.  I figure it is never too early to teach her, since it took me until middle school to remember how to spell my middle name.  With a name like Leighton Elizabeth Cumberworth, it might take her until high school with that many letters…  bless her heart!

 Until Later…

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  1. Teething DOES suck. We had a great uninterrupted night of sleep-thing going and then BAM, teething made Palmer wake up again. And PS Palmer won't smile for the camera, either.