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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vienna = Happiness

I loved Vienna… the architecture is amazing, there are coffee/pastries everywhere, the people were extremely friendly and very baby friendly and they eat carbs… LOTS OF THEM!   A traditional Viennese breakfast is a cappuccino, a hardboiled egg, a croissant, a roll with butter and jam along with cheese and ham… um, I die.  Any place that is not afraid of carbs and butter is a friend of mine!

God is shining on the first beers we have had in public in a very long time!

Jon’s got this dad thing down pretty well

Baby’s first beer 


Leighton is saying “OMG mom… we are in Vienna!”

Hey, I remember that stuff from yesterday 

The art in Vienna rocks dad!
Baby’s first exhibition, Salvidore Dali and one of Mommy’s favs, Louis Bourgeois!

Mornings were pretty cold… at least for a 5 month old!

At Schonbrunn Palace

This was Leighton’s first time on grass… it was pure bliss! 
She was in heaven to say the least!

Talk to the hand dad! Munch had enough of Jon’s jokes.

This stuff makes Dad a lot easier to handle.

Last Stop, the Belvedere Palace.

And dessert!!!

Until Later…

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