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Monday, June 25, 2012

My best friend got married!!!

Allison Wooley, or better known to my college friends as “my best friend Allison” got married this past April!!!  I was honored to be one of her matrons of honor and join in her day of celebration!  She married a guy, Christian Scacco, who we went to high school with which is crazy… but they are absolutely perfect!  I could not have picked a better match for her!  So here is how the Wooley wedding week went down…

Bachelorette party… Lexi (the other matron of honor) and I hosted a bachelorette party that was only fitting for Wooley… an Austin scavenger hunt!  One of the stops was at the Zilker train
(only Allison would be cool with this!)
And SNO BEACH of course.  Allison and I spent 9 years of our lives at this sno cone stand together… if I lived in Austin I would still be working there, no doubt about it… best job ever!!!

Next came the bridesmaid luncheon…
Allison with her Trinity ladies…
“My” Sally, Sherry (aka. Momma Wools) and my Mom.
Hostesses with the gorgeous bride... thank you Sally for all your hard work!

 Sherry will kill me for posting this picture, but it might be my favorite picture of all time… Sherry is emotional and Allison’s expression is priceless!

Next came the rehearsal dinner and Mrs. Scacco did not miss a single detail!
This night made it apparent as to how amazing this couple is and how much they mean to and are loved by everyone they encounter!
I always forget how much l love and miss my high school friends until I hang out with them again…
Al, MJ, Kelly G and me…
Sords, me, Paige and Kelly g…

Then it was the “BIG DAY”!
Me and the bride…
The matrons of honor and the bride… Lexi is amazing by the way!
Momma Wools and her sister… Aunt Susu!
The stunning bride and her poppa!
The ceremony was amazing and then it was time to enjoy everyone’s company… high school prom poses...
Trennis and I in our Prom 2012 picture…
Two new parents – one teething baby = crazy times

Allison and Christian were escorted away by a local fire truck… which happened to be truck #22. If you know anything about Allison you know what a crazy coincidence that is!

The newlyweds!!!! 
And what is a newly married lady to do a few days after her wedding?.… hangout at the Buda weenie dog races with her friend of course! 

Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Scacco for an amazing rehearsal dinner and Momma and Poppa Wools for a fantastic Wedding and reception!  I could not be happier for Allison and Christian.  They are an amazing couple based on love and friendship and I know they will stand the test of time. 

But Christian… if you ever screw my best friend over…
sleep with one eye open son…
Just kidding... or am I?!? 
Have fun on your honeymoon this week… love you both to pieces!  

(thank you Molly Jacobson for these amazing photos!

Until Later...

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  1. This is the greatest post of all time. (ok, I may be a bit biased)
    And, as my lifelong body guard, I'm grateful for your final threat! :) We can take him down any day!
    You are too sweet and it is I who should be grateful for all the AMAZING things you guys did for us. Love you lots!