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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Salt Lick

There is one thing that we miss more than anything in Dubai… TEXAS BAR-B-QUE!!!!  There is nothing like the taste of some good old smoked Texas meat.

Well, about a month before we headed back for our last trip home, Jon got a hankering for some Salt Lick Barbeque.  So he emailed my brothers and my dad to schedule an all you can eat binge fest.  Now, Jon is not a planner and the boy almost never emails his own family… let alone the in-laws… but he was on a mission… a mission for meat!

Plans were set and the first weekend we were back in Texas, literally a day after our flight landed, we headed out to take on the Salt Lick and introduce our off spring to one of the greatest things on earth!  Jetlag is a B… so little L didn’t get to enjoy the pre meal festivities.  However, momma had a cold beer so all was right with the world and Pa got some cuddle time, so he was feeling good too!

Someone woke up just in time for the carnage to take place… She was a little excited with all the build up from her dad and all!

The  Salt Lick PIT behind us.

Leighton was patiently waiting for her food like a lady… then this happened…


Anders: “Good God cousin… I have never seen a baby eat that much… slow down you she beast!”

Leighton : “ Stop judging me baby Anders, just because you aren’t old enough to eat this yet... just wait sucker!”

Can I eat the bone too?

Barbeque does make you sleepy though… we failed to mention that to our daughter!

And just to make sure we really did need wheelbarrows to roll us on out to our cars… blackberry cobbler for dessert!  Why not, right?!

Pearl hugs after dinner… but then wait, who is that I see over there?  Could it be the former All-time winningest Quarterback in college football history… no that guy is too short… NO wait, it IS him…

COLT McCOY!  Leighton is totally impressed… can’t you tell?

I hate those people… the ones that run up to athletes and/or celebrities to get a picture with them… and now I am one of them!  However, I don’t think I ever had a choice in the matter.  My husband was literally pushing me towards poor Colt and my dad was shoving his burnt orange camera in my face… it was for the baby right? That is a memory frozen in time people... i just wish munchkin had a bow in her hair!!!
Until later…

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