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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bueller.... Bueller....

Whoops, I mean Mueller… Mueller…

Sorry for being MIA with the blog.  When I go home to the states I don’t take pictures so I rely on my friends and family to give me theirs.  Everyone is really good about sending them my way but by the time I get them I am wrapped up in trying to get back into a normal routine in Dubai and the pictures and blog get put on the back burner…. Well that is one reason but…

Who am I kidding… I got immersed in reading the Hunger Games books.  I know they are for teenagers but I am obsessed and have spent any extra time I have reading.  I am almost done with the third book and then I can focus my time on the blog… so I promise in the next week to post about… Texas, Arizona, the Wooley/Scacco wedding, Leighton’s birthday parties (yes parties plural), Paris and more….  I pledge to be a better blogger just as soon as I finish this last silly book! 

Until later….

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  1. I was obsessed with them when I was reading them too! Then when the movie came out.... I read them again. Oh Lord was Nathan happy when I was done! You're not alone!