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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ragamuffin converted...

So it finally happened… I have been fighting it for some time now but I gave in after pressure from the mother in law and friends… I CUT LEIGHTON’S HAIR!  Well, that is a little dramatic... It was more like a trim than a cut!  I wanted laylay’s hair to grow out so I can braid it or put it up in a high pony but reality hit me today when a friend said it looks kind of thin in the front... well, it is more like a weird Eastern European/Alabama mullet thing she has going on… long on the top/back and short on the sides!  To top it off, I realized today that Leighton has learned how to blow her bangs out of her eyes...  So it was time! 

Here she is with the before baby do on daddy’s lap…

And the After… I think she looks so different!

I think she looks like a goober, a cute goober mind you, but it is much better than the want-a-be emo ragamuffin look she had going on before… Truthfully though, I am excited that I don’t have to keep chasing her around with a gosh darn bow in my hand that she is just going to rip out of her hair two seconds after I put it in!  We will adopt the “NO BOW, NO GO” motto (thanks mon and erin for that one!) as soon as she is a little older and can truly understand.  I won’t let her forget she is a bowhead from Texas just living in the desert for now!

By the way, our trip home was awesome… ill post about all our adventures once I get pictures from everyone since I didn’t have my camera!

Until Later…

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