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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Three Parties… Why Not?!

So your firstborn only turns ONE once… so Jon and I ended up throwing her not one, not two, but three parties! Okay, that sounds a little more ooh-la-la and over the top then it really was. Basically, Jon wasn’t going to be with Leighton on her “real” birthday, because he had to head back to Dubai during our last visit home. So we threw Leighton a party a few days before her actual birthday, because she is one… it’s not like she knows exactly what day she was born yet!
Party #1… My brother, Derrick, and his wife, Cara, and their baby, Anders hosted the party at their house in Austin. Leighton’s party had everything a first birthday bash needs… family, friends, cake, beer and a jumpy castle… it was a fun time!
The Middlebrook’s

The Stoner’s
The Zinda’s

Auntie MonMon

Leighton was trying to talk Collier into getting in the jumpy castle!

Cake time!  Doesn’t Leighton look happy?!

Okay, kid…. Cake time minus the hat!

At this point I had no clue if she liked the cake or not…

But, I think she liked it!
After a bath in the sink and some present opening, we said bye to our guests in a diaper… keeping it classy, I know!

Party #2… On Munchkin’s actual birthday, L and I were staying at the Middlebrook’s and we were flying solo without Jon.  So we had a small shindig…
Birthday Boots… every little Texan needs some!

Another day, another cake…

And how do we end our first birthday?  In our Birthday Suit of course, playing in the sprinklers with our cousins!

Party #3… when we got back to Dubai we decided to celebrate the first birthday again… this time with a Duck themed party… Yes, Leighton is still obsessed with duckies!
Thank goodness I vacuumed… one year old parties definitely happen on the floor!

Who knew curtains could be so entertaining?!?

The big kids swam outside to keep cool!

Waiting on cake...

Someone looks pretty interested in that cake!

1…2…3… blow!

Well… maybe LC woke up on the wrong side of her crib for this party but good behavior at 2 out of 3 parties isn’t too bad!  I sometimes forget she is only one.... she is such a good kid!!!

Happy birthday sweet baby… here’s to many many more
birthdays and birthday parties!

Until Later…

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