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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flat Leighton goes to Paris...

So my parents thought it would be cool to ditch me for five days and go to Paris sans baby… what?  I know right!  How could they ever enjoy themselves without my darling little mug around to brighten their days?  They thought they could make up for the lack of a Parisian stamp in my passport by taking “flat Leighton” with them.    
Hanging in the Emirates Lounge before boarding… Mom and Dad took a little too much advantage of the complimentary wine.  Good thing the real me wasn’t with them or I would have been looking out after myself!
My Dad met up with his best friend and life partner, Jack…
Just kidding!  They met up with Jack and Missy Zinda who also came sans baby.  Jackson got ditched with his grandparents in their shack in El Paso… poor kid!
And so our trip began at Notre Dame!
Next came a bike tour of the 4th, 6th and 7th arrondissements with our tour guide, Aaron, who is from New Zealand.  My parents acted like stupid Americans asking if he could sing all the bike tour facts to them… Not everyone from New Zealand is part of the Flight of the Concords you nitwits!  They’re so embarrassing. 

Then the Louvre…
I can’t believe half my genes are from her.  Please, feel sorry for me!

Mom did impress me by finding my favorite animal, a duck, to get a picture with!
Then off to grab a coffee in a Louvre café.  Not a bad view!

The next day they headed out to Versailles…. This place was HUGE!

I think my parents are less mature than me or Jackson! 
They sure did enjoy some nice dinners while they were in Paris… too bad they couldn’t read most of the menus. 
Our Moms think that this will be a cute picture to show at our wedding one day.  MOMS, we are only one and it is 2012… you can’t betroth us nowadays you crazies!

Sadly, Jack, Missy and flat Jackson left for the rest of their European vacation, but my Mom and Dad took me to a few more places… 
Notre Dames gardens
Chapel of Saint Chapelle

Napoleons’ tomb… I must say this place was hilarious!  You can see why it is called a “Napoleon” complex! 

Rodin Museum… with the parents I have, no one will ever call me a Thinker!
Finally they decided that they missed me and made their way back to the sandbox. 
Good effort Momsies and Popsicle, but a book of pictures with “me” at all the sights in Paris will really not make up for your lack of respect for the world’s coolest baby and travel munchkin.  Nice try… but I better get a sweet trip to Paris for my 16th birthday to make up for this mistake!
(Seriously though, thank you to Christi Warren and her family for watching our little munchkin while we hightailed it to Paris!  It was a much needed break for us and I know that Leighton adored her time with ya’ll!!!)
Until Later…

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