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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No regrets…

I have few regrets in life but one of the biggest is that jon and I didn’t have a professional photographer at our wedding.  Yes, our friends and family are super talented and we have some pretty good wedding day shots, but nothing can compare to a professional’s pictures.  Jon, being super husband and knowing my thoughts, told me we can get a professional to shoot all the big moments in our lives for the rest of our lives… he is pretty amazing I know (he actually didn’t say the “rest of our lives” but if I put it in writing and you all read it, he will be pressured into making it happen!).   Anyways, I found a fantastic photographer here in Dubai and she did an amazing job with our little wiggle worm that wouldn’t sleep, because she was going through a three week growth spurt.  I feel like I am being one of those moms that feels the need to throw pictures of their new baby in everyone’s faces…  guilty as charged! 
Hope y’all enjoy nonetheless….

 And my favorite picture by far...

Until later…


  1. She is precious!!

    Regarding Hulu, we downloaded this Hot Spot Shield thing for free- and then we just turn it on, then go to and we can watch all the shows we want! So awesome! Hope you can now enjoy the non-edited Glee episodes :)

  2. Such great pics! You all look fabulous! Congrats to you and Jon on your beautiful little girl. xoxo

  3. She is just precious. I love these pics!

  4. Great pics.. I've gotta ask, is ur husband of Arabic/middle eastern descent? He resembles the previous UAE ruler Sheikh Zayed, especially in that family picture.

    Why did the baby have to be given an American passport, can you also get a UAE one?