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Friday, June 10, 2011

My mommy says I’m special…

Just to follow up on the “oh, isn’t my baby just the cutest thing” photos, I wanted to post some of the everyday shots of little miss Leighton.  Jon and I figured we can just show Leighton’s prom date these pictures to make sure that no funny business happens instead of the stereo typical, “Come into my study son and let me show you my collection of guns… Now what time will you have my daughter home tonight?”  All we need to do is show him these prize gems to keep prom G rated!
Notice the lovely arm/back hair?  Everyone says it will fall out but I am still skeptical.  Do they make Baby Nair?

Sometimes we might have a stray sideways eye…  I guess she is just trying to practice the face her mommy makes after one too many games of Flip Cup.   She is already such a smart ass!

SLOTH LOVE CHUNK…. BABY RUTH!!!!!!!!   I mean, bless her little heart in this picture… seriously, bless her heart!

And the piece de resistance… well, I am not going to post it since I have been informed by my family that it is highly inappropriate for the blog.  BUT, let’s just say that the sounds alone from this video, not including what exits my child’s body will make any teenage boy not want to touch her with a ten foot pole.  (The video really is hilarious… it will make you jump back, be grossed out, make you laugh and then you will want to watch it again.  So, if you want to see it, just email me!) 
Until later…

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