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Monday, June 13, 2011

Forced into success…

So the other night as we were settling into our nightly routine… dinner, bath time, get Leighton dressed for bed, mommy shower time, feeding and bed…  Jon went to turn on the air conditioner in our bedroom and yep, you guessed it, it wasn’t working!  Yes, this is like the bazillionth time that one of our AC units has stopped working in our house.  Luckily, the day before this catastrophe the unit that controls our guest bedroom and Leighton’s room was fixed (praise Jesus!) or Jon and I would have been fighting over the couch downstairs.  Jon informed me of the bad news when I got out of the shower and you would have thought the world was coming to an end… I threw a hissy fit.   I stomped into the guest bedroom and pouted while I fed Leighton.  Jon proceeded to get the guest bedroom set up as our bedroom and tried to drag the pack-n- play into it.  Well, he tried to “squeeze” the metal pack-n-play through the door… since I was annoyed I just stared angrily at him for a while.  When I saw that he was getting frustrated too I talked him through how to collapse it and when he went to pop it back into place in the room, the darn pack-n-play would just crumble onto itself… so I stopped, got up and tried to help… but nothing helped… it would not stay open!  So, just like the 12 year old that I am, I walked over to the bed and threw my face down and started yelling into the mattress as to not disturb the baby.  Then as my face was smooshed in to the mattress pad, I realized that we hadn’t put the sheets on the bed after my mom left town, which led to more yelling into the sheetless mattress… augh!  Jon just walked over to me… rubbed my back and said, “ I need you to calm down… it is all going to be okay,” and then he kissed me on the check.  I realized right then that we are a pretty compatible couple… when I fly off the handle he is there to pull me back and vice versa! 
At that moment we realized that we had no other option than to put her in her own crib since the pack-n-play was out of commission and two 6-foot tall people plus one sneaky dog and a baby in a full bed would not work.  I had no plans on putting her in her own room for a while… everyone was happy being in one room… she cried, I popped out a boob, she ate and burped and we all went back to sleep… hell, I didn’t even have to get out of bed!   Nevertheless, we had to put Leighton into her own crib and crossed our fingers that this night would go somewhat smoothly.  We tiptoed back to the guest bedroom for the night and stared at the monitor as she grunted herself to sleep.  Next thing we knew it was 6:30 am and the perfect child had slept through the night… freaking awesome right!  My mom keeps reminding me that just because she is good doesn’t make us perfect parents… the next one may knock us on our asses (which she knows from experience)… or hell, Leighton might become a diva and call me a b-hole when I won’t buy her the designer jeans in the baby section of Nordstrom in three months.   Anyways, she only woke up once on night two and three.  BUT, let’s see how night four goes tonight because whenever I brag about her on the blog she usually disappoints the next day… so I am not holding my breath.   If all goes south, our AC has been fixed and the pack-n-play can always be reassembled (I found the instructions).   Everyone say a little prayer that this transition is successful and the AC holds up because I still haven’t put sheets on the guest bed... don’t judge, you know you have slept on just the mattress pad before!
Until later…

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