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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fat and Happy...

Good God I think that baby ate our baby… that is the text I got from jon the morning I sent him this picture of our little munchkin (I might not be able to call her that anymore!).  I seriously have no idea when Leighton gained all this weight but she definitely has turned into a roly poly.   She had her two month appointment yesterday and she is officially 11 lbs. 6 oz.  The doctor at one point looked at me and said, “what are you feeding this kid,” as she slept through her exam.   Jon figured out if she kept this rate of weight gain up she will be 720 lbs by the age of 30… yowza!
Leighton is still a Rockstar and we are still getting way more sleep than should be allowed for a newborn's parents… or should I say Jon is since I have to wake up with her in the early morning for her 4 o’clock snack.  He was standing in the kitchen this weekend and started yawning… then he said,” I am so tired, I think I am getting too much sleep which is making me sleepier… you know what I mean.”  As calm as I could, I slowly turned my head so my gaze could shoot daggers at him and lifted up my hand and showed him the appropriate finger for that comment.   He was lucky he was not sitting next to me because he would have felt five fingers instead of just seeing one!  
Any who, even though Leighton did acquire half of her genes from Jon she is pretty awesome and keeps us entertained most days.  She started to smile and laugh which any parent can tell you melts your heart!   I am happy that this milestone came about, because I was bored of poking her as she laid on her play mat saying… “do something… poke poke… come on, seriously do something because I am bored… poke poke…”  

excuse the commentary from me please...

We are excited that Leighton is large and in charge and is as happy as can be.  I have always heard the saying A fat baby is a happy baby… well, I have recently changed this to be A fat happy baby makes my life pretty gravy.  I think I am going to have to stop saying that now because last time I did, I looked at Leighton and she was licking her lips and I know she was thinking… ummmm, gravy!
Until later…

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