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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It’s official, I’m Pregnant…

I know I know, this does not come as a surprise to most of you, but lord I am officially feeling pregnant!  I have 2 weeks and 4 days to go…  I must say that I feel completely blessed so far with this pregnancy.  Yes, I had some crazy morning sickness, but that passed.  Then in my second trimester I didn’t even feel prego… just chubby! Heck, even in my third trimester I have not felt really pregnant other than being tired and experiencing the alien inside of me trying to kung fu kick her way out… but it has seriously hit me now.  Sleeping is getting difficult, Leighton is growing out of her temporary digs, this peeing every ten minutes has got to stop AND, my feet hurt… which makes me feel sorry for overweight people!  I have put on a little over 25 pounds and my feet are always tired (but not swollen, thank goodness)… how do obese people carry around hundreds of extra pounds?  The idea makes my body and feet hurt just thinking about it.  Now I am just plain complaining because I have had such an easy pregnancy and I feel blessed to be up, out and about and active with so little time before the munchkins big appearance.  As my Pops would say… I am still kicking, just not as high… which is so true!
Charlie is very excited and will not leave my side...

But Walter on the other hand is not sure what to think about all of this!
 (he is hiding under the table)

Went to the Doctor today, everything is on track… don’t know how many centimeter dilated (they don’t do that over here) but everything is good and the monkey has even dropped a smidge. 

Well, Leighton’s bag and our bags are packed for the hospital… car seat is in the my car (yes, my car finally made it!!!!!), nursery is complete and this team is ready to add its newest member to the roster… but hopefully not before this weekend.  Jon and I are taking our prenatal birthing classes this weekend… I know, we are little late but this was the only time they offered them at the hospital… yikes!
House and nursery pictures are next… I promise!

Until later….


  1. I hit my pregnancy wall this past Wednesday! I guess working on my feet is causing more swelling than anticipated! I got home from work and saw that I had cankles! I couldn't even believe it!!! Good luck and can't wait to see pics of baby leighton!

  2. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Hopefully Leighton will not take after her father - 3 weeks late in August in the Arizona desert - the dryness helps keep the swelling down, though, doesn't it? Sounds like your "munchkin" is not quite as complacent and is really ready to go. Love the way you are are packed and ready. I wish we could be there, but you will just have to keep posting the blog entries - they are wonderful! Love to all - even Walter, the coward (or maybe just smarter to stay in the shade while he can...). You look super great - truly glowing. Love, Chuck and Linda

  3. Just adorable... I hope I look like that at 38 weeks..oh wait, I've already lost. I just wish my weight would stay on top instead of going straight to the rear! Best wishes and can't wait to see pics!

  4. You look great! and by the way I love your hospital bag! You little fashionista!

  5. Lisa jo… sorry to hear about your cankles… at least they will go away when this is all over. Did I see correctly that you won the name game, Ella Jo?
    Linda… wish yall could be here too but I will make sure jon and I skype yall right after Leighton gets here and we will post tons of pictures! Hopefully yall will be able to make it over here soon!
    Britni… thanks and you look amazing too, give yourself some credit… and we all know you will be a stick again as soon as you have #3… you are a freak of nature!
    Elizabeth… thanks! And no fashionista, just a spoiled wifie… that was my 27th birthday present from jon boy… I am one lucky lady!

  6. Yes....Ella Jo finally won out and has been offcially monogrammed so it can't be changed...hehehe!