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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Casa De Cumby

So here are the long awaited shots of the Casa De Cumby in Dubai.  Our house is like a townhouse, quaint (meaning tiny) and as of today there are no more problems with it… KNOCK ON WOOD PLEASE! Our upstairs AC was still tripping the breaker so we had a new company out today to fix it and everything should be okay…. I hope!!!
We live in a community called Arabian Ranches out in the suburbs of Dubai.  Jon and I are not the “burbs” type of people… been there and done that in San Antonio and most likely won’t do it in the States for long time… but it is perfect for us over here.  We liked living near downtown Houston and loved being close to amazing restaurants, museums, bars, shopping, parks and friends that are anti-burbs like us.  Although, the Houston Heights still gives you the feel of the suburbs as their motto says, “A hometown near downtown!” Anyways, Arabian Ranches contains around nine or so different mini communities along with a small grocery store, nail salon, restaurants, dry cleaners, liquor store (but you have to enter through a back alley, haha) and much more.  There are a variety of house sizes in our community ranging from HUGE houses with nice yards near the golf course all the way to our little munchkin house in the back of the community.  Our Neighborhood, Al Reem 2, is setup like a conjoined townhouse community with carports in the front of every house.  If you ever watched the House Hunters International on Dubai, our community was similar to the second house they looked at on the show. We have a downstairs living area with a half bath and a study and then the bedrooms and full bathrooms are all upstairs.  We do not have a maid’s quarter which is shocking to everyone that lives here because 99% of all homes have maids living areas.  After living in this house for a few months, Jon and I have both agreed that this is not the right house for us but we have moved in and are somewhat settled so we are going to make the best of it and make this house our home for the next few years!
The front of our house and my 4Runner that finally made it to Dubai a few weeks ago... Praise God!
 and no, we didnt install the basketball hoop but it makes us laugh everytime we pull in to the driveway.

Entry way with the Greeting Committee...

Family room… if you have ever been to my house you know I love wall colors!  I don’t think a room is ever complete with bare walls as it just feels naked to me… you have to at least have an accent wall somewhere in the mix.  When I was getting our Houston house ready to rent I realized that I needed 8 paint colors to touch up everything… whoops!  Well, living in a small house with all whitish walls is just killing me, but I am trying to disguise it as best I can… it is hard since all of our stuff has so many patterns… whatever, it is only temporary.
Family room

Dinning room, I mean the other half of the family room…
Dining Room

Please notice the height of the counters... i think this kitchen was made for a 4 foot tall person!

Leighton's Highchair made it from the States courtesy of Hayden and Campbell
 It was originally my Dad's Highchair... this sucker is OLD! ;0)

“study” aka: art room/storage/ room to stick the dogs when our arab/muslim friends come over or when workers/maid are at the house…  don’t forget that people here hate or are miserably afraid of dogs!

Powder bath…
Dont use this bath if you are Closterphobic... it is tini tiny...

Guestroom…  I tried to change it up here in Dubai.  My bedroom colors have always been warm browns, paprika and tans or reds but I thought I would go for blues, gray and tan… well, I didn’t think about the fact that I had no artwork for the walls to match the new bedding.  So, that has been added to my never ending to do list.

Master bedroom…. is ready, all we need is a little munchkin to sleep in it... hopefully sleep!

Master bath….

Backyard… this is a work in progress or should I say we haven’t even touched it yet.  I want to add large pots with climbing plants around the walls to add some color and life around the pool.  This is our next big project…

View from the Balcony

Leighton’s/guest bath… I know the first thing my sister is going to say, “you need to iron the shower curtain” I know Tracy but I think I will get mom to “help” me do that when she gets here.

I need to hang all the frames but i am waiting until i get little leighton pictures.

Leighton’s room…the big unveiling! 

Walter is very excited to meet his little sister!

 bedding was made by Leighton's Gigi.... THANKS MOM!

the little ladies dresses...

And lastly, yet another Prego picture of yours truly.  I officially have 9 days until the little lady's due date, but I am ready for her to make her debut!   Like I have said before, I feel oober lucky that I am still up and going to ladies lunches, bending over and tying my own shoes, and walking at night with jon and the boys.  BUT I am pretty sure that Leighton might stick her foot straight through my skin any day now so I am thinking it is about time.  From the feel of her little foot in my side, I am almost certain that she has pretty high arches like me and I feel like that is information I should not know until she is actually on the outside!!!  
Until later…


  1. Hillary-you look so great pregnant!!!! I LOVE what you have done with your house. It really looks like a home. We can't wait to see pictures of your little lady!

  2. How is this tiny again??? You guys have so much room! And a pool... I'm sure everyone and their dog has one in Dubai. Can I come live with you guys? That master bedroom looks comfy.

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I can't believe that you are about to deliver Leighton. The only thing that looks tiny is your belly! I am jealous of your kitchen. It is at least twice the size of the one we had for our family of 5 when we lived in Italy!!!

  4. HiLL,

    I feel like I just visited your house with you. What a wonderful way to get a feel for your world and the beginning of your new adventure. I am so excited for you and Jon. I will be thinking of you and wishing you a healthy happy baby! Much Love,
    Meagan Mullin

  5. Looks very comfy and you have more DECOR than I have here at my house after 3 years!! I still don't have anything above my cabinets. Did you guys ship all that furniture and decor? It definitely has the 'look' that it feels like home. Can't wait to meet Miss. L. and we've been thinking and praying for you daily!

  6. Emily… Thanks and You might recognize things from our San Antonio house… just in dubai! i hope your vacay was amazing... cant wait to see pictures!

    Guynes… I know, I am just being a BRAT! I guess I was stuck in this house for 6 weeks with no car and the walls might have closed in on me a little but you are right, it is bigger than our bungalow in Houston so I need to just shut up! What’s up reality check…

    Alice… haha, thanks! I swear it is just genetics and watching what you eat somewhat… I feel pretty lucky! And the house really is a nice size… I shouldn’t complain at all….

    MJ… glad you took the home tour! Thanks for the well wishes! I get my random Muls updates from Allison and it sounds like all is well! Love ya tons!

    Britni… thanks but our “décor” drives jon insane! I have way too much thanks to working with DR Horton and Pottery Barn for so long. And yes, we shipped everything over here at the beginning of January and I lived with the stoners until I left in February… It was actually easier than finding a furnished villa.