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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A butt(on) that won’t quit…

There are all types of belly buttons, not just innies and outies.  You have cute ones, wide ones, flat ones with over hangs, pierced ones, confused ones (like Jon,  half in and half out) or the great black hole like mine.  That’s right, nobody knows how deep my belly button is, because no one has ever seen the bottom of it.  For all we know there is a magical secret land of trolls that live inside of there… or maybe it leads to china… who is one of the world's great mysteries.  

Jon is a little forgetful and whenever he is looking for a “lost” item he walks over to me, lifts up my shirt and echoes into my belly button,  “Hello…. Hello… have… have … you.. you… seen … seen … my… my… keys.. keys?”  it has lost its humor over the years though!   
Well, I thought that maybe, just maybe this pregnancy would allow for the unknown to be revealed… the bottom of my belly button!  But alas, I am sad to say that the day I have waited for all my life will not happen.  Yes, I have finally seen the little tiny dot at the very center of the bottom… my button looks like the tied off end of a balloon… but to see my belly button stretch and flatten out, heck even poke out, well, it just isn’t going to happen folks.  Next time you are imbibing you can pour one out for me and my homie, Mr. Button!
I’ll save you from any pictures… you can just use your imagination on this one!
Until later….                 

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