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Friday, April 22, 2011

Dogs - Leashes = Pure Happiness

We haven’t found any dog parks here in Dubai, which makes sense because dogs are not really appreciated in this area of the world.  Islam considers dogs “dirty” and other locals don’t know why you would waste time caring for an animal… it’s an animal!  Well, Walter and Charlie are not just animals, they are our practice kids, aka our little boys in dog clothes and they love to run and socialize!  Our Boys are amazing dogs, but they are getting a little depressed because we haven’t been able to let them off their leashes since we have been here.   But I think I have found a solution…
 I recently talked with a woman that started a dog shelter here in Dubai… she and her shelter, K9 Friends, have quite a feat on their hands due to a lack of animal education.  Sheik Mohammad recently built them a permanent shelter in Dubai to help the City with the over population and abandoned dog problem.  Any who, I asked for her advice on where to run our little guys and she told me about a road to nowhere in the desert just a few miles away from our house… YEA!  We have taken Walter and Charlie there a few times now and they are in LOVE… it is technically illegal, but the only people we see are workers headed out to jobs and the occasional taxi driver stopping to relieve themselves….seriously, that happened this morning.    

Doggies ready for their adventures!

The desert road to nowhere

Charlie doing what he does best… waiting for his ball to be thrown.  Yes, I am wearing a classy outfit I know… there is only one type of snake in the UAE but I am utterly petrified of snakes so I always wear the appropriate shoes.   And I look really pregnant but I only have 6 days left so I guess it is okay.

Walter and Charlie getting their run on!

Walter scoping out the joint

Charlie waiting for this ball to be thrown again.

Charlie diving to retrieve his ball…

Please notice the aftermath of Charlie diving on this ball… sand up the nose, in the eyes, mouth and ears… but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Walter soaking in the sun…
he is so happy, he is smiling and can’t keep his eyes open!

And he is off again to explore.

Getting ready to head back home.

We always make sure to have water… it was 8 in the morning and already 95 degrees out… and it is only April… GOOD TIMES!

Happy happy puppies enjoying the shade and the wind!

Walter loves the pool but Charlie needs a little coaxing… well, Charlie got in and couldn’t figure out how to get out from the “big” step… Walter is doing his best to help, but I had to come to the rescue.  Please notice that he was so concerned about getting out he left his ball in the pool.

Crisis averted... thanks for your help jon!
Until Later...


  1. H, love the outfit...and I had to do a double take because it looks like something William would wear. He said he can mail you his JAMS if you want to be HOT like him!

  2. no need britni... there are plenty of eastern europeans over here, i can just borrow their jams if need be!