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Monday, November 18, 2013


 Yes, we carved watermelons this year.  I was going to buy a pumpkin at the store... Just a normal orange pumpkin, nothing fancy.... And get this, it was going to be $68.  Not even joking!  I did some research and found I could buy them at normal prices at a fruit and veg market, but time got away from me and I ended up just buying watermelons for about $9 total....
Shhhhh, they're Iranian, don't tell anyone.


This year we were supposed to have a baby chick and a flamingo (thanks once again to the Middlebrook girls!)... We even perfected the one leg up move on the scooter, but come game day, well, we weren't having any of a fluffy, padded winged costume.  We wanted to be a Cinderella princess damn it!  Seeing as we don't have a princess dress in our house (yet), I did my best to convince her that a Texas cheerleader is a princess. She just wears a burnt orange dress and not a glittery silver dress.... It didn't really go over so well but she begrudgingly put it on when I told her she couldn't get any candy without a costume.  Parenting  done right people, ha!  We then went to our old community's golf course get together, met up with a few of Leighton's amigos, and Jon joined us after work.

Before we knew it Leighton and Corby were ready for bed and Halloween 2013 had drown to a close in a flash.   However, not before our newly potty trained child urinated all over the driving range....
Keeping it classy in Dubai.... Always keeping it classy.

 Until later...

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