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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everything is BIGGER in Texas…

 Although Leighton was not born in the greatest state in the good ol’ US of A, she is living up to its reputation.  Texas is amazing and our state pride is sickening to others, but that’s just because they are jealous that they aren't from Texas!  We have BBQ, Shiner Beer, every type of landscape you can imagine, Blue Bell ice cream with peach cobbler, Whataburger, No state income tax and Austin. With my bloated ego, I thought everyone in the world knew where Texas was, but I have been proven wrong over here. It is just habit when people ask where I am from, to say TEXAS… but when I say that here 50% of the time I get the head tilt…to which I reply, the States (I should just say… the place that George Bush is from…. then they would know but i would be hated all at the same time). It has been kind of a bubble-burster, but I will not let it get to me and I will spread my Texas cheer around the world damn it!  Also, I will let our daughter know where she is from and how great her “real” home is… she will be a Texan that just happened to be born in the desert!

So, we had Munchkin’s 4 month doctor's appointment which is not a fun appointment at all.  They did the normal checkup things and her pediatrician, Dr. Khan, let us know that she is in the 85th percentile in height and…. wait for it… 90th percentile in weight.  I started laughing when he announced her weight… he turned to me and asked why I was laughing to which I replied, “it’s just funny that she is living up to her German Texas genes!”  We chuckled (he went to A&M by the way) and then he said, “at least she is proportional!”… “More like spherical” Jon replied… such a loving daddy, right?!  Leighton is really a laid back baby, southern to her core and is chill most of the time.  We have given her the nickname CBE aka, coolest baby ever!  However, the 4 month appointment was not conducive to this nickname.  She got her second round of boosters in both her legs.  As the Doctor and his nurse double teamed her legs with shots, Leighton’s face turned bright red and she started screaming… but not with any noise at first.  It was one of those silent screams that turned into a downright full body scream that must have come up from her toes… it was so loud.  Once again Jon and I started laughing, because there wasn’t much we can do about it.  At this point Dr. Khan turned around and looked at us with disgust in his eyes… I apologized and told him that she never ever cries like that… we actually had never seen her that mad before so it was funny (probably funny to us because WE hadn’t made her that mad!).  I don’t think he bought it though… we might have CPS at our door step next week! 

Anyways, I don’t think Leighton is taking this 90th percentile thing very well.  She has started to bicycle kick 24/7.  I let her know that exercise can be a good thing, but taking it to extremes is a problem.  We have put her on a workout routine so she doesn’t take it overboard.  But it doesn’t stop there… I found the munchkin shoving her entire hand down her throat after rice cereal the other night.  Jon and I set her down and talked with her about loving the body she has... some people are just big boned and it is nothing that binging and purging is going to cure.  We are trying to get her to embrace her fat rolls… which we now call love rings!  I think the next step is buying her a Baby Lane Bryant gift card and make it a bonding day where we buy things to make the pain go away.

I told Leighton that scarves can be used to hide those lumps and bumps you don’t
want others to see… I think she took it a little too far though!

Jon and I just keep telling Little L that she needs to be excited about this 90th
percentile ranking, because with parents like us who both just squeaked in to the top 50% of our high school graduating classes… this might be the last time she is ranked that high! 

A few of Leighton's current favorite things...
Three of her faves... Daddy, Sofie and chewing on her hand! 
All she is missing is food and you have the top four!
Oh wait... there's the food! 

Hanging out in her sling... you know, just chillin’!

Just walking with Daddy in the baby Bjorn... Please notice the angry sleep face... she makes this face when she really doesn’t want to go to sleep because there are things going on around her but her eyelids finally get too heavy... adorable and oh so angry!

Until Later...


  1. The angry sleep face is awesome.

  2. you and leighton hilarious! :)

  3. love your guys are too funny. Lady L is a blessed baby!!! Miss you guys too.