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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My mom’s biggest nightmare has come true...

She should have seen it coming by the fact that I married a man that loves to wear pink shirts and since I bought a Prius a few years back but... I have turned into what my mom has always feared... a tree hugging hippie or should I say, a palm tree hugging hippie!  Well, sort of... I watch locals over here throw trash out of their cars all the time and want desperately to drive alongside them and give a stern wag of my middle finger but alas, I don’t want to have my visa revoked!   Jon and I still can’t get over the plastic bags that they give you at the grocery store... they are like quadruple ply!  And they are not stingy when it comes to loading bags either... i think stores pride themselves on how many bags they can use on so few items.  I bought 10 things at the store the other day and left with three bags. Seriously, is that really necessary!?!  

For example, say i am getting a fast food meal to go at Wendy’s... yes there are Wendy’s over here... there is also McDonald’s, Churches Chicken (known as Texas Chicken), Subway, Arby’s and even a Popeye’s and a Dairy Queen!... America, doing its job of fattening up the world!  Anyways, they put your sandwich in a bag, your fries in another bag, your drink in a holder in yet another separate bag and then they put all three bags into a larger bag with handles with your ketchup and straw.  Wasteful?  Apparently no one over here thinks so!  You would think I have an alien twin who suffers from turrets growing out of my face by the way these people look at me when I say I don’t need a bag for my things... what do you mean you don’t need a bag?  Oh, don’t worry, I will just have my twin with her twitchy mini baby arms help me carry my things to my car.

People also like to randomly dump their trash in the middle of the desert… here is a nice little pile were we take the dogs running.

I am sure if i moved back to Austin I would be a wasteful, golden cheek warbler hating, salamander poisoning, old school Austinite, but over here... I am a freak of nature!
Until later...


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