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Friday, August 19, 2011

For our own enjoyment…

This video may not be funny to anyone else out there, kind of like when you let your dog chase a laser light in your back yard and no one laughs and your friends politely say, “maybe if it was our own dog it might be funny.”  That completely happened to us by the way… thanks Jes and Mark!  However, we got a kick out of this (you can obviously tell by our laughing on the video) and of course at Little Leighton’s expense… but that’s why you have kids right, to use them as comedic props?!?

Until later...


  1. It's easy to imagine, years down the road, this kid going through her weird collection of old videos and things from her parents, and it just being one facepalm moment after another ("geez, nice one Mom & Dad..."). :P

  2. OMG!!!! I can't believe the two of you! LMAO (Well, actually I can! ) Next time brush your teeth! Poor baby, she probably can't believe the smell! Y'all r crazy!!! But I did get a good laugh!

  3. Oh this girl needs some exposure to other people! She must think you two are crazy and I can read her expression that she's calling for help!

    Actually, I thought it was hilarious and even more so because I can relate to doing the same things...over and over again at their expense.

  4. i loled :) We do that to the cats all the time.