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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I’m feeling HOT HOT HOT…

It has officially become HOT over here!  I feel bad even saying anything because it is so hot back home… I think Dallas is on its 27th straight day above 100*… but it was confirmed by Tracy that it is definitely hot in Dubai.  The weather is not only hot, it is humid too!  Luckily, since Jon grew up in Arizona and I was raised in Texas, we are somewhat used to this heat and living in Houston for the past three years has made us accustom to the humidity… BUT, it is toasty.  The only way I can describe the weather is like this… you know how you feel when you open a hot oven door and that blast of heat hits your face and makes your eyes water and your glasses fog up… yep, sort of like that!  Is it completely unbearable? No.  However, are you going to find me hanging out in the heat, absolutely not!  I find myself staying at home all day or making trips to the air conditioned malls…..being outside for long periods of time is out of the picture for the next month or so, unless it is before the sun comes up when it is only in the mid 90’s.  The picture below is the temp as we left dinner the other night at 9:05 PM!  Who needs to pay for a spa day… we officially live in a sauna! 

 Until later...

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