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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July…

Leighton, Jon and I wanted to wish everyone out there a happy 4th of July! 
We would especially like to thank my Cousin Kevin who is currently serving in Afghanistan and his amazing wife Susan who is back in Houston watching over their two little boys.  We think about y’all everyday and pray for Kevin’s safe return and impending retirement (praise jesus!).  Thank you also to Jon’s dad and brother and my father and many cousins and uncles who have served our country throughout the years!

We celebrated today by having a good old AMERICAN dinner…  burgers, fries and beer!  BUT, the beef was Australian, the potatoes were Lebanese and the beer was Irish… we tried but it just wasn’t the same.  Y’all think of us when you are enjoying your BBQs, cheap beer and the sweet sweet tunes of Lee Greenwood…  we are totally missing it today!  I think we might watch Rocky IV to boost up our patriotic spirit later tonight… USA USA USA!
Until Later…

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