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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things just got real…

If you haven’t heard… we had a baby!  Leighton Elizabeth Cumberworth was born on Sunday, May 1st at 6:52pm in Dubai.  She luckily stuck to her nickname of munchkin and was only 7lbs 3oz and 20.5 inches long.  Jon and I could not be happier and now are just trying to figure it all out by ourselves (scary)!
Leighton's first ever picture


Proud Poppa in his pink!

Little Leighton was due the same day as the Royal wedding but she wanted her birthday to be all about her… so conceited I know!  So, she ended up making her debut on May 1st.  Little did she know that she would share her birthday with the death of Osama… she was not happy when we told her that the attention was not solely on her, but she said it was better than the wedding so she wouldn’t be too upset.  Leighton was slightly stubborn about being born, but when she made up her mind the show was on.   From the start of labor to the end was only around 6 hours.  

I literally tried everything to get this kid out of me... even jumping jacks!

We were all very excited to meet each other and now we are trying to figure out how our schedules are going to work together… any new relationship has to get the kinks worked out, right?  Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes that we have received over the past few days… they have made this experience of having a kid half way around the world less difficult!
Up close and personal

Jon throwing some bunny ears on his kid... we have officially not grown up!

Leighton just saw the bunny ears picture... she is not amused!

can you say i look like my dad...

I think that we are still in shock from getting flowers all the way over here in Dubai. 
These lovely arrangements are from the folks at Jon's work and an amazingly hilarious couple we met in Ante-natal classes, Mark and Rachel Larkin... we can't wait until their little munchkin is here so we can have play dates while mommy and daddy enjoy a few cold dudes!

Jon and i found these signs incredable funny... one of the many little differences from the States.

Until later…   


  1. beautiful hillary! can't wait to hear more as you enter your journey in motherhood! love you and let me know when you are up for a skype date!

  2. Congratulations you guys! Leighton is SO cute and it looks like you guys are having so much fun with her. Good luck on getting your schedules to mesh--still not sure I've figured that one out... :)

  3. Awesome pictures! Congratulations!