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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


As Jon said the other day… “Can you check Leighton for bruises later today… she must have some since she fell straight from heaven!”  Cheesy, I know, but oh so true at this point!  Our little munchkin has been fantastic thus far and we are just hoping she will keep it up!  I mean, what new parents get an average of 6 hours of sleep a night?  We do, and just so everyone knows, we are counting our blessings and know that we are so very lucky and that this is not normal.  My mom, Leighton’s Gigi, is over here to help out and she keeps joking that there really isn’t anything for her to do.  Gigi has even been able to catch up on her sleep, getting about 9 hours a night… this really is turning into a vacation for her!

We have even made it out of the house on a few trips (just don’t tell my pediatrician)!  Leighton was a trooper and slept and hung out quietly the entire time which made it hard for photo ops… these were our best attempts…

A mother of pearl chair in the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall. 
Makes for the perfect touristy picture.

One of Dubai's many "local" stores.

 Jon joked this is the closest she will get to her own LV until she gets married off!

 Dining next to the world's tallest building... the Burj Khalifa...
the whole building doesnt even fit in the picture!

 Leighton in front of the worlds largest indoor aquarium.

 Waiting for daddy and Gigi outside of a store.

And lastly, our first family photo... just a week late...

We are living the life of Riley right now and enjoying every minute of it… and continuing to knock on wood everyday! 

Until later…

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