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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Leighton's Graduation

Leighton graduated from nursery school today.... How did this day come so fast?  It totally snuck up on me! It seems like yesterday that she was just my little roley poley little buddy that hopped around Dubai with me everyday... how can she be 4 and wearing a cap and gown?!?   I'm not going to lie, I totally started crying when I walked into her nursery room... I blame my hormones seeing as I have a three week old!  Anyways, I'll keep my sappy thoughts to myself and just share some pictures of her special day!

Gigi and Jon waiting patiently... Axel was sleeping. 
 Reciting a little Poem...
(I made Leighton say this poem to me all week so I wouldn't cry at the graduation..
yeah, that didn't work out so well) 

The Three Amigos


We got to celebrate with Gigi (the best diaper changer and baby feeder I know)!

Shooting Star cupcakes!
Mrs. Lisa... Leighton LOVES her!  Apparently Lisa is the prettiest princess and her grandmother lives in a castle!  Leighton love Mrs. Lisa's little sister (aka her daughter) and wants to be best friends with her!  Greatest year ever!!!

Leighton and her husband, Sam

What are you doing kid? nice pose...

This marriage has lasted three years and is going strong!

Isla attack!!!

They are the BEST!

Corby wasn't too excited that Leighton will be going to another school next year! say it ain't so...
And because I wouldn't be doing my blog justice without posting something that makes fun of my kids... here is the winner of a picture I took during one of the songs they sang today....
I mean, really?  bless her heart! #BookofTodd
Until Later...

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