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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Can you say, Fox Axel?


The dichotomy of parenting is a crazy thing... trying to be stern with a child, but still comforting.  The roles you play and the hats you wear all while trying not to screw up your kid for life is a challenge.  Meanwhile, all of this is happening while they are annoying the shit out of you and won't stop screaming in that high pitched, "I just saw a member of One Direction" tone.  Everyday I try my best to be a firm parent and teach them lessons that will hopefully make the future years of raising them easier for everyone involved..... Lay the right foundation now and we will have a strong and sturdy house built upon it one day.... Cheesy, but hopefully true.  And all of this is happening while I'm trying not to shake the shit out of them when they are driving me god damn crazy!  Sounds like we should be having a third kid, right? Right? Guess it's too late now!

Now don't get me wrong, parenthood is a daily struggle and challenge, but there are great moments every day as well. The first time your child smiles, when they really hug you hard and long, just hearing "I love you" out of their tiny mouths melting your heart, the way their faces light up when they spot you at school pick up, when they run to you when they are hurt, or the joy and pride they feel when showing you something they have made.

The challenges and rewards balance each other out at this point in the game for me..... Especially with our little white devil, Corby.  But, what makes parenthood worth it and what really pushes it over the edge of for me and Jon is the fun factor.  Parenting isn't always fun, but when it is, we try to make the best of it!  For instance, the first time your kid asks to "blow it up" with a fist bump.... Spinning them around until they almost puke.... Spontaneous family dance parties.... Playing witches and monsters as we run around the house screaming like crazies.... And making your kid cuss without them knowing.

Well, maybe the last one isn't fun for the kid, but Lord knows it is fun for me and Jon.  We did it to Leighton when she was = bitch.  Which was hilarious except when we would walk past the Dubai aquarium in the mall, it was a little bit embarrassing.  Corby now has a great repertoire of words that just get us going.  Many of you know that I have a teenie-tiny bit of a sailor's mouth, however, I am particularly good around my kids.  So hearing them use these words without knowing gives me a good chuckle!

Again, duality..... Making my kid cuss but the little smarty is counting to 14 by herself.... I clearly can't be doing everything wrong with her.  Now as soon as I turned my phone off, Corby proceeded to throw the red play-doh all over the room while screaming at me for God only knows why.  I spent the next 20 minutes dealing with a full on tantrum, three rounds of timeout and then finally breaking her and getting her to pick up the darn play-doh.  But if I hadn't have had that 2 mins of humor, I couldn't have fully dealt with the aftermath.

Parenting is a crazy hard thing.... But hearing your child say "fuck assholes" totally makes it worth it!

Until later....

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