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Monday, May 27, 2013

Never Nude

Recently, Leighton had the worst case of diaper rash I have ever seen... Like port wine birthmark red...ouch! It was pretty intense.   As every parent knows, medicine can only do so much and the best way to help speed up the healing process is for your munchkin to go foot loose and diaper free for as long as possible to air that puppy out.   So I rolled up the rug in our family room and prepared to clean up a few accidents while Leighton’s lady bits took in the fresh air. Naked for longer than bath time? I think most two year olds would be pumped... NOT OUR KID! Every time I would take off her diaper she would walk around for about ten seconds and then start yelling, "Diaper ON!" Thinking she didn't want to have an accident in the house, I tried taking her outside to frolic in nature. This landed us in tears while yelling once again, "Diaper on Mommy, diaper on pleeeeeeease!"
She is actually begging for her diaper to be put back on in this picture... 

 And then she ran over to try to put on her old dirty diaper by herself.

So we officially are raising a never nude... Like Tobias from Arrested Development.  Just replace Leighton’s diaper with some lovely cut off jean shorts...  He wears them in the shower, under ass-less chaps and when he joined the blue man group.   So Leighton, welcome to a very special club and know that as your parents we will always support you and your decisions... Unless you are still wearing a diaper in kindergarten, then Jon and I will pretend we don't know you.
Until Later... 
PS... If anyone wants to shoot their Netflix log in info my way I would greatly appreciate it!  There are 15 new episodes of Arrested Development out there calling my name... it is literally killing me!

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