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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Living in Dubai has been a great choice for our family.  I have made great friends and have made this little sandpit our home away from home.  BUT, for the past 16 months I have had an extra appendage… an appendage named Leighton.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my child… she is a freaking rock star and I am so blessed to have such a laid back, easy going munchkin to spend my days with… but she is ALWAYS there by my side.  That has by far been the hardest thing about living here… no family to ditch the kid with!   So there we are at my dentist appointments, TOGETHER… trying on formal dresses for a work event, TOGETHER… getting  a tire and oil change, TOGETHER… at lunch with friends whose children are left with nannies, TOGETHER… I love her I love her I love her… but sometimes I just want to get a pedicure or grab a coffee by MYSELF! (Rough life I know!) Well… after a long wait my time has come, Leighton started school!       FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!


Why am I up so early? What? You are ditching me at school for six hours…

I am not listening to you!!! 

One thing is not like the others… and that something is grumpy Leighton!

Are you sure you packed everything mom?  You are kind of scatter brained, at least that is what daddy always says!

Good, you got the important stuff… my lunch!

So the drop off went well, no real tears… I am kind of cold hearted though… walked in, put her stuff away, said I loved her and walked out!

Pick up went even better… even though she was wearing different clothes.  Apparently she was a messy eater that day!
So, monkey, did you have fun at school today? Yes, yes, yes!

How much fun?  THIS MUCH FUN!

So here are the things I have learned from Leighton’s first week at school;

1.      You can’t get much done in 6 hours

2.     Our kid is amazing and her teachers think so too!

3.     I forgot how great a morning nap is… for me not the kid!

4.     Leighton realized how great morning naps are too… unfortunately she did not take a real nap this week, hence this sweet look…

      5. Freedom is as amazing as I dreamt it would be!

Until later…


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