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Monday, February 27, 2012

One thing I hate…

I truly love beaches… heck, I got married on one in Mexico.  I love the ocean with how small it makes you feel, the waves, hot sun, and a good cold drink in my hand while I relax with family and friends BUT there is something that I hate about the beach… I HATE SAND!  I have experienced every kind of sand… hard, soft, shelly, fine, course, white, oil covered, fluffy… you name it, most likely I have felt it and I HATE them all!  There are few things that I truly hate in life, but sand is one of them (and dolphin figurines but I’ll save that for another post)!
However, during the entire moving process to Dubai, “the Desert”, you would have thought sand would have crossed my mind… but it didn’t!  Fortunately for me sand doesn’t rear its ugly head in my life most days minus park playgroups, dusty windshields, slippery sidewalks and SANDSTORMS!  
Sandstorms don’t happen that often here but there have been two in the last week!  Even with your windows closed this super fine sand leaves a layer of dust on everything.  Keeping things dusted over here is close to impossible and there is no need even trying during a sandstorm.  Just check out these pictures from the last storm…
Our cars!

And the usually immaculate grounds of our community are covered!

Outside our front door…

Inside the front door… that came in while the door was shut!

My laptop which was sitting on our coffee table… can you only image the rest of the house?!

And don’t even try walking outside or you will get a face full of sand! 

So I guess I change my mind… I highly dislike sand but I HATE SANDSTORMS!

Until Later…

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