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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The letter G

Today is brought to you by Leighton and the letter G…

G is for Geez, as in…. Geez, aren’t I cute!

G is for Good side, as in… My left side is my Good side!

Or is it my right side… actually, both sides are my Good side!

G is for Gotcha, as in… I Gotcha a new face, my duck face, to take pictures of Mom!

G is for Grab, as in… I need to Grab my megaphone
and practice my riot chants because….

 G is for Greece, as in… OMG, we are going to GREECE!!!!!
That’s right, my daddy kind of rocks and got my mommy a trip to Greece for her 30th birthday... isn’t he awesome?!?  He keeps telling mommy, ”We are getting Greecey for your Dirty Thirty!”  I think my maturity level might already be a little higher than my daddy’s!

Until Later...

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