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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We made it back to Dubai safely and in one piece, but with a few too many pieces of luggage in tow!   I am going to post about our trip back in the States very soon but I made one huge mistake when going back home… I didn’t bring a camera… I know, STUPID!  So, I am relying on friends and family to send me the pictures they took before I do any blogging. 
However, I will share with you some mad skills that Leighton has acquired since leaving the sand pit.
Leighton can now clap on queue and wave bye bye (if it suits her fancy).  She also has crawling backwards down to a fine science, but she does this one-armed army crawl thing when she wants to go forwards, so she usually reverts to rolling.  She is now infatuated with looking at herself in pictures… I have no idea how that one started… she literally freaks out when she catches sight of a picture of herself.  She has also said what we think are Mama, Dada and now, duck… oh yeah, our child is OBSESSED with ducks!  Jon is happy about that since they are a very cheap toy! 
Speaking of frugal Jon…  it is never too early in his mind to work on another skill with Leighton, catching a ball…  aka, grooming our child for a college sports scholarship.  Well, in this video we have convinced ourselves that we have a sports prodigy on our hands… who needs to save for retirement, we produced our own 401K!

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