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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

just a little late...

Only a month late but…. MERRY CHRISTMAS!  We celebrated Christmas back in the States around friends and family and had a blast.  We fit a lot into a very short amount of time… so instead of writing a ton here are a ton of photos for yall…

Santa meet Leighton… Leighton meet Santa.
Trust me laylay, you will really like this guy!
Even Santa got a kick out of this face!

The lady cousins finally meet.

Welcome to Tex Mex Leighton…
where the Bob Armstrong dip is bigger than your head!

Hayden, Campbell, Leighton and the newest addition… ANDERS!

Leighton LOVES her Uncle Joe…

And her Tio C!

Leighton is also head over heels for her Cumby Grandparents!!!

Leighton and the Link Ladies

Gigi on grandma duty with Anders

Pa and Pearl with Laylay and the Cumbies...

Laylay bird… meet the angry bird ;0)

Now, some Htown Love…

Auntie Mon and her little Bunny!

Leighton has multiple online suitors… she finally got to meet them in person!
Leighton and Jackson at their first few play”dates”

Collier and Leighton on their first date… I think Mr. C was a little nervous!
How many days should I wait before calling? I don’t want to seem too eager!

Leighton wanted to cheer on her Auntie Al at my Alma mater... GO CHAPS!

We also did a lot of eating and drinking…
(btw, go to El Patio… it is off the drag and has been there forever… their food is true Austin Tex Mex (basically, everything is covered in what my family likes to call government cheese… aka American cheese).  It is an Austin original and I want it to stay open and around forever!)

Speaking of eating and drinking… someone should have told me to STOP!  I gained… and no this is not a joke… 13 pounds when I went back home!!!  My jeans actually got too tight towards the end of my trip and did I stop eating and drinking… NO, I just went to gap and bought more jeans! 

Cousin bath picture!

This duck obsession is out of control!

Santa… I know him… and he is coming TONIGHT… YEA!!!!!!!

So you are telling me that tonight a big fat man is going to break into our  house and eat all of our cookies and drink all my milk… WHAT?!?
Oh, he leaves presents too…
well, you should have said that sooner…I think I like him already!

It's a Pink princess castle, she had to have it!

Leighton and her first Madame Alexander doll… THANKS GIGI!

And the cutest bloomers ever… THANKS Cara!

Looks like Jon said some smart ass comment to Leighton…
she already has the “look” down!

Christmas is AWESOME!!!!

What do you do with new toys and clothes… break them all in!

Someone was a little tired and fell asleep during story time.
The Cumberworth's were smart and got a family Christmas picture... i think the Mueller's however were a litte too A.D.D. to all be in the same photo at the same time, whoops!

We celebrated New Years with old friends…  a great time was had by all!  hmmm... wonder why the guys sat on that side of us?!
Getting ready for my Mom’s going away party...
the Gigi is moving on up to Pampa, Tx
and Leighton will have 6 grandparents... what a lucky little lady!

Our time in the states FLEW by and unfortunately we didn’t get to see everyone…. But don’t fret, we will be back home in April!  Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope our Christmas Card did not disappoint this year!

Until Later…

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