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Saturday, April 26, 2014

We did it!!!

Once again Leighton has made Jon and I feel like we are the perfect parents (trust me, we know we aren't!).  I am just now writing about this life event because I didn't want to jinx us at the time, but I think we are good to go now... it's been 6 months.  Leighton is officially potty trained!!! 
 We had a school break due to Eid... It's the second Eid, a religious holiday that occurs about a month after the end of Ramadan.  It's a national holiday and schools shut down for a few days, so we chose this long weekend to be THE weekend to potty train!  Leighton has been really interested in the potty for sometime now. Asking about it, wanting to watch everyone go to the bathroom, and the girl is all about panties (I hate that word by the way!). So, I borrowed "Potty Training in a Week" by Gina Ford, read up on the situation, formed a plan of action with Jon, and hit the road cold turkey on the first day of our long weekend.
Day one:  Leighton’s naked, mini potty in the play room, rugs rolled up, couch cushions inside garbage bags with towels on top for comfort of course.  We had a stamp set ready to reward an attempt or success on the potty and chocolate balls for a further reward.  Well, wouldn't you know it?  We went 4 for 4 on day one!!! All pee but 100%.... What what!!!
Day two:  Leighton's naked, mini potty still in the playroom, rugs and couch still under lockdown.  This day we were 90%.... Missing the potty a smidge on an attempt, but we'll take it and here's the big news.... We had a poop!  I understand that one day she will kill me in my sleep for all these pictures but come on, they are hilarious.... (Don't worry, we will have a lock installed on our master bedroom door!)


Day three:  We ventured out and wouldn't you know.... We were happy, dry and an officially potty trained big girl.  Who would have thought it would be that easy?!

Don't get me wrong... The first few weeks were torturous asking 1 million times a day if she had to use the potty or if she had to tee-tee.  I was sick of it and she was sick of it, but it worked. We did however have to stop in random places to "use the toilet" as Leighton says...
It's been 6 months now and I can count the accidents on a little more than one hand.  I am so impressed with our little Leighton and how grown up she is becoming!  I guess I am going to have to keep some of these gem pictures in a secret vault only to be pulled out for the high school "guess the baby" games at sports banquets/ graduation or for her rehearsal dinner! But come on.... Who can wait that long.... These pics are priceless and have to be shared with the world ;0)
Until later...

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