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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Corbin Ann

Right now I am supposed to be pregnant.  I am supposed to have another 3 days until our little bundle makes her appearance in this big world… 3 more days of wondering, waiting, trying not to worry about what is to come.  Well, life has a way of being funny and keeping you on your toes… because our little lady decided to come two weeks early!
Here is how it all went down…. our family of three had a great night Skyping with my sister and her family and then helped my mom book her flight to Dubai for the 14th of March (about a week after the baby’s due date).  Then we got ready for bed… what? Yikes! I think I just peed myself a little (sorry for the over share!).  I didn’t really think too much more about it and went to sleep.  The next morning I had a normal weekly doctor’s appointment, but I kind of felt like something was up so I gave Jon the heads up that he might have to leave work early to head to the hospital. At my appointment I told my doctor, Dr.B, that I think my water ruptured but I wasn’t sure… she said, I bet you just peed yourself but I’ll do I test just to make sure… five minutes later, sure enough my water had indeed broken and she told me we were going to have this baby today!   My insurance company had to be called to get a verbal confirmation that the bill was going to be approved for labor and delivery and once we got the A okay, a nurse had to walk me to another building to the Labor and Delivery wing.  So at 11:30 I was all settled into my room awaiting Jon’s arrival.  I couldn’t officially be checked in to the hospital or get my IV drip (even though the IV had been put into my arm) until my Husband took my insurance card and passport to the administration office to check me in.  Having a child out of wedlock is illegal over here and apparently your husband has to be the one to sign you in to the hospital to have a baby.  Once Jon got there and had completed the paperwork and only when he completed the paperwork could I get the induction drugs. 
My water had broken but I didn’t have contractions of any kind so they had to induce me… which was fine with me!  So the rest of the day went like this…
12:30- Pitocin drip was started       
1:00- They gave me lunch  (one big perk of having a baby over here is they feed you up until you get an epidural!)
1:45- got the magic juice- aka an epidural.  I know there are a lot of people in my generation that choose or think they are going to go all natural during their delivery… well, I am definitely NOT one of them.  It is 2013 and I don’t need a badge of honor saying I pushed a kid out of my fouff with no drugs… I want to stay calm and focused while getting this little thing out of me and not curse my husband while fantasizing about cutting his penis off (which is how I imagine myself acting)!  Anyways, they keep the epidurals turned down low over here (I could still move my legs and can walk around minutes after delivering) so it doesn’t take away all the pain… but it definitely cuts the edge! (I am stepping off my soap box now.)
3:30- nurse checks me… says I am 3ish cm dilated so sit back and keep waiting
4:15- rolled on my side and thought, holy hell this baby is going to come out… NOW! Nurse checks me and sure enough (just like last time) I was fully dilated and the baby was ready!
4:30- Doctor arrived winded after literally running over from the other building
4:51- Corbin made her big arrival into the world!
Corbin Ann Cumberworth was born on February 20th, 2013 at 4:51pm weighing 7lbs and was 19.5 inches long and 2 weeks early.  I really wanted her born yesterday, March 2nd, Texas Independence Day… and not in February because I don’t like the month of February.. Don’t ask me why… I just don’t like it, but some things I guess you don’t have a say in and this was one of them. 
Anyways, we named her Corbin because Jon and I played basketball in the Corbin J. Robertson center in College.  We have a lot of memories of that building and the times at Southwestern that made and at times defined us and our relationship.  Also, my brother in law Joe’s given name is Corby Joe and I have always loved it… and him too!  And it is a freaking cool name!  Ann is for my grandmother, our Memaw on my Father’s side.  She was a wonderful lady with a kind soul whom I wish I would have gotten to know better but she passed away when I was 5.  Also for my sister whose middle name is Lee Ann.  With Jon and I coming from a generation of Jessica’s, Lauren’s, Lindsey’s and our parents coming from a generation of Sharon’s and Linda’s, we wanted to name our kids something “normal” but uncommon.  We know Corbin (Corby) is traditionally a boy’s name but so is Leighton…  and it is our kid so if you don’t like it get over yourself, have a kid and name it what you want (WHAT post pregnancy hormones, what are you talking about?)!
Baby Corbin was so nice and got Leighton a sweet little Camel as a gift for their first meeting!
I think Leighton approves!

MELTDOWN!!! What did I get myself into? Lord help US!

Welcome Home Baby Corby!

And this is what we have ALL been doing a lot of…
One week old

Baby Corby (aka. Baby CC to Leighton) has been an awesome baby thus far and very similar to her laid back sister… except for the fact that we went through an entire pack of diapers in like three days versus her sister who only pooed every 5 days!  EVERYONE has been asking how Leighton is handling the BIG change in her life… well, she has been awesome.  Leighton will run into a room yelling Baby CC, Baby CC!!!!  It is really cute but we do have to watch out for Laylay being a little rough with excitement… Corbin’s belly button might be an outie after this exchange!

Overall our family of three became a family of four a little sooner than expected but everything has fallen into place and we seriously couldn’t be happier.  With that being said, check back in a week or two when this newborn really “wakes up” and see if I am still singing the same tune!

Until Later…

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  1. I love this post! Congrats on sweet Corbin--she is just as adorable as Miss Leighton. Glad you guys are well!