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Monday, February 11, 2013

How do short ladies do it?

So I have basically three weeks to go until baby numero Dos’ Bday.  I forgot how much this last stretch sucks… I guess we have a way of forgetting so that we will do it again… but man, it really does suck.  First off, I can’t sleep (pregnancy induced insomnia) and the nights that I do sleep, I am up an average of four times to pee (even though I don’t drink anything for hours leading up to bedtime).   This baby is killing my insides slowly.  It is hard to breath when I sit or bend down, this heartburn might be the death of me,  I can’t eat a normal sized meal without feeling like this thing is going to stretch my stomach and skin until it bursts, and I am getting a nice bruise on my right rib cage where this little monster baby likes to give me love kicks ALL DAY LONG.  However, with all of my complaining I can still sit up easily when getting out of bed, stand up easily when sitting on the floor, workout, still touch my toes, and still walk up the stairs without dying or being too out of breath.  
This was last week...
 This was a few days ago... its getting BIGGER!

This leads me to the point of this blog…. HOW DO SHORT PEOPLE DO IT?  I have so much extra room for this baby to go in my body, but those slightly shorter ladies out there sure don’t.  I look at these women waddling around with a stomach that sticks out further than they are tall and my heart hurts for them… how do they do it?  How do they not run shuffle, to their doctors and demand to be induced NOW?  How are their feet not giving out on them or let alone their skin?  Augh… it makes me feel super whiny when I make a funny noise when sitting down or grown when standing up.  I constantly have to tell myself, “imagine being a foot shorter and doing this, Hillary... imagine being your sister or sister-in-law’s height (short) and carrying the baby of a 6’5” guy… stop your bitching you tall b-hole!”  So to all my short friends (or short waisted friends) out there who have had a baby or will in the future… you are all rockstars and I am in awe of you because let me tell you right now… two times around this block is enough for this tall girl to handle.  (Hopefully I don’t eat these words one day because they will taste like heartburn and stretch marks!)

Until later…

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