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Monday, April 2, 2012

movie monday... 11 months!

And she won’t sit still
(unless there is food or a TV in front of her…
I think she gets that from my side.  Sorry Little L!)

Leighton is 11 months old… CRAZY!  Time has flown and now so is the munchkin!  She crawls, pulls up and can walk around while holding onto anything and everything.  LC just started to stand unassisted this weekend and wouldn’t you know it… she took her first unaided step yesterday… mind you, it was only ONE step and she kind of lunged herself at me… maybe in a week we will have determined that that wasn’t her official “first  step” but it was as of today!  
Laylay is still an unbelievably laid back baby and pretty cool with some rocking hair if you ask me!  Jon and I sometimes just stop and say, “how did we get so lucky the first time around?!”  Then we realize that we were given a really good one to start with but the next one is going to be the devil’s spawn!  For now though, we are just counting our blessings and soaking up every minute of this little lady before she can start talking back and rolling her eyes at us!

Check out Leighton’s scooting around in this video… she also is showing off her newest party trick, “Duck Face”… she is sure to get all the boys with that face!

Until Later…

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  1. She's fast! And a cutie! Her duck face goes well with one Riley does.