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Saturday, February 26, 2011

All is A-okay!

On a quick side note… don’t ever make an okay hand gesture towards an Arab person.  A thumbs up or a wave is good,  but never an okay.  Apparently, it means something worse than “F your mom”, but no one will tell Jon exactly what it means.
So I went to my first Doctors appointment over here the other day for baby Leighton.  Don’t worry… it wasn’t in a stick hut in the middle of the desert where I am going to have to squat and have this kid in a field full of camels! 
My Doctor is located at the American Hospital and the facilities are really nice and extremely busy. No, not with protesters needing aid from the streets, but with tons of pregnant women.  Everywhere you look here there are pregnant ladies!  There must be something in the water.  And it is not just expat women, there are pregnant Emirati women all over the place (although it is easy for them to hide their bumps under their Abayas).  I know that I will get over seeing it but it caught me off guard to see Emirati couples in full traditional outfits sitting in the waiting room to meet with their ObGyn.  I don’t know what I thought it would be like but it made me smile to see that men over here are involved/get dragged to their wives doctor appointments also.  Anyways, everything is good to go with the baby.  I have my last ultrasound (Scan) next week to make sure everything is in order.  And then we play the waiting game.

 I am a little over 31 weeks right now so we are into the single digits people.  I feel as though I am on a time crunch to meet people and make friends so I don’t go crazy after I have this munchkin.  I am planning on going to a coffee held by the women group in our subdivision this Tuesday. We live in a community called Arabian Ranches (so cliché I know).  Our neighborhood is huge and has little neighborhoods within the subdivision.  Apparently this women’s organization, “Arabian Ladies”, is the place to start meeting people.  I am sure it will be like rush… I tried to convince Jon that I needed a new outfit for coffee, A.k.a the first day party but it didn’t fly with him. Nonetheless, I will go, put on my best face and comedic routine and try to be a magnet for friends… I mean who wouldn’t like me (insert laugh here!). 
Our stuff got here the other day and I have been trying hard to get it unpacked… I’ll post before and after pictures very soon. 
Until later…


  1. My bet is that you have at least 4 new best friends by the time you leave your coffee clatch... and you could wear a big black garbage bag and they'd still love you!

    I dare you... :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience!

    Have you had any good local food? Do they have knefe? (It's my favorite. I even bought it back, frozen, from Jordan.)